First Painted Minis Cranked Out

Now that I have a painting rack and paints, I started doing some mini painting.  Here are the results of my first set of minis that I’ve ever done.

The roaches and rat are from Mice and Mystics, a story driven board game that I’m playing through with a group of friends.

Mice and Mystics: Plaid Hat Games

I wanted to get some experience in as we are going to have a painting party where we paint our main characters and the enemies.


The other character is my Pathfinder character which I’m playing with a different group of friends.

Laser Cut Paint Rack for Miniature Painting

I’m starting to get into painting miniatures, so I needed a paint rack for my paints.  After a little research online, I decided to design and build my own.


I designed based on seeing this picture which I liked

Paint Tray from Cool Mini Or Not Thread


So I did some measurements and went into Draftsight and began designing

After a few iterations on the pylons I was decently happy with the results and glued it together and loaded it up with paints.


I’ve attached the files, both the DWG design file, and a dxf that has them loaded up on a 12×24 panel for laser cutting.  The file uploaded is not exactly what I have, it is more a rev2 with some changes to the tabs and holes for a better fit, so use at your own risk!  I recommend you measure your wood, mine was 5.7-5.8mm instead of the 6mm advertised thus I had to adjust holes and such.  In the laser panel file I have a few small pieces whose purpose is to test your wood thickness, its in the bottom left corner of the bottom panel.

>> Paint Rack DWG Download <<

>> Laser Cut Panels DXF Dowload <<