TMNT Shadows of the Past – Dice Organization

Designed and laser cut an accessory to keep track of the used and shared dice in the TMNT Shadows of the Past game. Worked pretty well, text is a bit hard to see on the wacky table cloth.

How to use: I think for us our favorite way to use is to orient the use either to the inside or outside, whichever is most convenient. And on the active turtle’s turn, all your dice are in the available section, and you grab the neighboring dice (unless you’re Raph) and put in your share section. When you use your dice you put then into the used section, as you use the share dice put them back into the used or available section of the neighbor turtles’ dice holder.

Originally I was going to put each turtle’s dice on their own share side and as they get used they go to the available or used as the neighbors used them, but I think that’s a bit more confusing. So that’s why Raph has the share section when he doesn’t borrow dice. I’ll upload both files and people can decide which they want to use.

First Painted Minis Cranked Out

Now that I have a painting rack and paints, I started doing some mini painting. ¬†Here are the results of my first set of minis that I’ve ever done.

The roaches and rat are from Mice and Mystics, a story driven board game that I’m playing through with a group of friends.

Mice and Mystics: Plaid Hat Games

I wanted to get some experience in as we are going to have a painting party where we paint our main characters and the enemies.


The other character is my Pathfinder character which I’m playing with a different group of friends.