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First Painted Minis Cranked Out

Now that I have a painting rack and paints, I started doing some mini painting. ┬áHere are the results of my first set of minis that I’ve ever done.

The roaches and rat are from Mice and Mystics, a story driven board game that I’m playing through with a group of friends.

Mice and Mystics: Plaid Hat Games

I wanted to get some experience in as we are going to have a painting party where we paint our main characters and the enemies.


The other character is my Pathfinder character which I’m playing with a different group of friends.

2 thoughts on “First Painted Minis Cranked Out

  1. Hi. I have a question. I need a display for my tape rolls. Can you design one for me and how much it will cost?

    • Thanks for the thought, but I’m probably not the right guy to do that. My design skills are still fledgling so it would be too time consuming on my part to get any type of results I’d be happy with charging for. Electrical projects I contract for, but anything mechanical or art related I won’t do for awhile.


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