King of Tokyo Box Insert

Finished my second game insert, King of Tokyo, with the help of a friend’s laser cutter.

First I mocked up blocks for the different pieces, then I moved things around until I liked the fit, and finally put in walls to finish the floor plan.

After the floor plan was done, I made notches in the base and walls for connections. Then I pulled out out the 4 outer walls, built up them up, then laser cut them with the base and test fit them.

After I had the base and outer walls finished, I started on the internal ones.  It took a few revisions for some of the walls before I got them right.  Finally I designed a cover so the board fits in the middle.  I’m not super happy with how the top cover turned out, but it’s still a step in the right direction.

One interesting thing, the laser makes the foam pull back from the edges.  This isn’t great for long flat contacts, but for joints, it works really well because you can put the tip of your glue into the gap and fill it.

I’ve attached the SVG file in case anyone wants to modify or make one them self.

Boardgame Insert!

Well I’ve gotten into boardgames recently and started going to an almost weekly group called the Janesville Pegheads.

Anyways, I have a few games, and many have terrible inserts and organization.  One of these games is Castle Dice and it’s expansion.  So I watched a few videos on using foamcore and started to do my own.

Pretty good results, but one thing that really bothered me was the bottom dice tray, I miscalculated and thought I could fit all the gold in its spot but I couldn’t so it had to be put in another spot, but it doesn’t make it look that bad because I also have the solo dice in with the land dice so it doesn’t look that out of place to have a solo dice in another spot.


I think I might try and design and laser cut the next design, probably for King of Tokyo and some of it’s expansions.