This is my blog page.  I’m hoping to keep most blog posts about technology, as that is what interests me.  I am an Electrical Design Engineer at a Motor Drives company.  I am considered the wireless and windows guru there, even though I am still learning both.  I usually get the weird projects.

That being said, I read different tech sites and am constantly learning different things across the sea of the internet.  If I find something particularly interesting, or if I work on a personal project I will post information about it.

My hope is that someone learns something from my posts, whether it be an answer to a coding problem, a good resource site for a certain project, or even a piece of interesting tech news.  Now, on to the tech!



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  1. Hi Jesse,

    Just watched your video with Ben Heck on the follow me luggage build. Love this project. I found it on a whim while searching for used follow me golf caddies; something I had heard about years ago. Suffice to say, there are only a couple of models, not really a used market for them and to boot, are very expensive. My son, age 13, is a tinkerer and has made some simple but interesting builds with the Arduino Uno. We happen to also have a couple of range finding sensors for which he made an extremely accurate digital tape measure. We are in the process of building an electric go cart, getting our hands and minds dirty with all the challenges. Lastly, back to the golf caddy search, I frequent our local farmers mkts. and had built a pretty standard rolling cart (non motorized) to carry and protect everything but for some reason, dissassembled it long ago and keep thinking I need to build another one because lugging bags of produce is pretty inefficient. This led to the lightbulb moment of wondering if we could build a follow cart. and you guys did it. amazing. All to say, Could you possibly share some build notes? I should note too, we can build things out of wood and other materials, but do not have programming skills. I would love to make this our next build if you could find a way to write up an Arduino tutorial. Jeff in California

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