3D Printing-Minecraft-Shapeways

Next week is my Wife’s birthday.  She loves Minecraft so I decided to get her 3D printed versions of our Minecraft characters from Minetoys.  Minetoys uses Shapeways as their “factory”.  Shapeways 3D prints parts via several methods, these use printing a binder (glue) onto powder, then put more powder, print more binder, more powder, etc.  See more info here.

The parts came in today, see below

My character looks a bit like Cthulhu (looks better in the game with extending tentacle head) and hers was a diamond block based character.  The back of my character is wings

She was very excited and loved them.  As I have been looking into these technologies, I was kind of bothered by the mistakes on the right arms of the characters.  Mine has a big blob of material and hers has a divot in it.  I am not sure if this is the best quality powder-binder printing can do, or if it was a just a bad print.  Either way, it was an experience as my first ordered print and I’m pretty satisfied overall.

Skin files




Took a bit of reverse engineering to get these.  To see any player’s Minecraft Skin, use the following format





Stay tuned for 3D printing and CNC update/preview!