Not Dead Yet

Haven’t posted in forever, but I have been doing things.  Mostly playing boardgames, going to boardgame conventions, and doing miniature painting with friends.  I’ve improved a little bit over time and am hoping to improve more and more as time goes on.  Here is a link to an album of miniatures I’ve painted in somewhat chronological order.

imgur Painting Album

Also here is a quick little album of a mini I did recently (and quickly) for a contest

First Painted Minis Cranked Out

Now that I have a painting rack and paints, I started doing some mini painting.  Here are the results of my first set of minis that I’ve ever done.

The roaches and rat are from Mice and Mystics, a story driven board game that I’m playing through with a group of friends.

Mice and Mystics: Plaid Hat Games

I wanted to get some experience in as we are going to have a painting party where we paint our main characters and the enemies.


The other character is my Pathfinder character which I’m playing with a different group of friends.