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Footpedal Hardware Finished

Finished my gaming foot pedal I was working on

Added the pushbutton on the side for resetting so it can be programmed without opening, and also added a light for when a button is hit.  I tried to do Sugru strain reliefs, but I tried them thinking I could shape them, pull them out of the case, and then finish the case.  Well sugru is very sticky and it didn’t work out as well as planned.  It will still keep the cord from pulling out though as each cord has a plug of sugru inside the enclosure as well bigger than the hold.  I think it looks pretty good.

On the software side I will eventually make a program that lets you change what keys are pressed, but it will just modify the c file and recompile.  Then you can hit the side button and use the teensy programming program to update the firmware.

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